What We Need
(Our museum's current list
of our greatest needs...and wants.)

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We plan to keep this page updated with a list of things the museum really needs right now, as well as a few things we just wish and hope for. If you can help us with any of these, please let us know! Our phone number and e-mail address are to the right, or you can use our web contact form HERE.


MEN! We need a few men we can call on from time to time to help with things the museum staff just can't handle, like minor plumbing and electrical work, helping us move the occasional display case to a new location, perhaps even a little carpentry. If you can help us with any of these things, let us know. We'd really appreciate it, and we promise not to overwork you or abuse your kind offer to help.
Volunteers to help man the gift shop from time to time, or serve as tour guides occasionally when we have groups who notify us ahead of time that they'd like to see the museum.
Storage space. Our museum is already full of artifacts. We're currently preparing more display space, but we need a secure, dry place, ideally near the museum, where we can store some items we don't currently have room to display.
Money, of course. Unfortunately, we can't pay our bills with anything else! If you can help us financially in any way, please visit our donations page here.

If you can help make one of our wishes come true,
the museum staff and membership will really appreciate it.

Combination door locks for the museum doors. In addition to the museum front doors and the Annex door, we have a few staff-only areas within the museum, like the storage room and the museum office. We go in and out of these rooms several times a day, but we need to keep the doors locked so the general public can't wander in at will. Right now the staff has to carry around a string of keys to get into different rooms.

What we'd really love to have are several combination door locks like the one in the accompanying photo. That way staff members just have to remember the one 4-digit combination to enter any door in the museum.

These lock sets cost about $140 each and we really don't feel like we can afford to buy them right now. We'd love it, though, if a friend of the museum would surprise us with one or two (we need five total)!

Opening the second floor of our museum building for display space is our greatest dream. But first, we must re-do the walls, floor, and ceiling, add lighting and a heat and air system. Here's a short video showing the current state of the museum second floor:

Please donate to help us turn our upstairs development dream into reality!
Thanks to donations already received, we have managed to complete removal of leaking skylights, repair of the ceiling, a new roof, removal of plaster from the brick walls, electrical wiring, installation of lighting and outlets.

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