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Our displays keep changing, so visit the museum often. Admission is Free!

What We Need: List of the museum's current needs



  • Wedding Wreath & boutonniere worn by Bernhard Thielemier and Anna Kleine, November 30, 1877
  • Anna Kleine Thielemier brought from Germany to America, October 14, 1881
  • Booklet History of Henry Thielemier Family 1877-2008
  • Booklet: Founding Fathers of Engelberg








Donated by Charles & Edith Ellis


School Desks donated by Greg Cash
Dick & Jane Primer Teacher Book Donated by Judy Roberts

Kitchen Stove
& Kitchen Items





Donated by Sheila Rose

Coming Soon...

Over 2000 sets of salt and pepper shakers donated by Michael Parker. These were collected by his mother and grandmother and there are no two alike. These are currently being cataloged and will be exhibited in the future.


General Exhibits (click on a photo "thumbnail" below to see the enlarged photo)

Original gravestone of Ransom (Ranson) Bettis, founder of Pocahontas.

The Bettis family plot in Pocahontas' Masonic Cemetery was renovated in 2006. Since the old Bettis gravestone was deterioriating, a new replica gravestone was placed at the cemetery and the original stone was moved to our museum for safekeeping.

Keith Richardson and Dr. Harris with alligator gar caught locally in the 1950's.

Photo of the record gar Rudy Gazaway Sr. caught at Shaver's Eddy on Black River near Biggers in the 1950's.

The mounted alligator gar and details of the catch are now on display in the Museum's River Room along with artifacts and pearls from the Great Pearl Rush that attracted pearlers from all over the nation in the early 1900s. Also displayed are many artifacts and information about activities on local rivers over the years.

1933 Pocahontas Phone Directory

Displayed in the main gallery of the Museum are shoes manufactured locally by Brown Shoe Company.

Brown Show employed 1,000s of Randolph County citiens while operating here in Pocahontas. The display also includes a history of the company and photographs of local operations.

Buttons were made from Black River muscle shells.

Flour Sack Dolls Collection

Medical Room

Old St. Paul's Church organ.

Gift Shop

Gift Shop