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Under the supervision of Mr. Derek Allen Clements and Mrs. Jan Wecker, the collection added a manuscript section known as the Randolph County Manuscript Collection in 2009. While many papers had been in the possession of the Randolph County Heritage Museum, they were finally organized and stored according to the best archival practices available. At this point, the collection exceeds 20 linear feet. Within the collection are general boxes and special collections containing materials focusing on one person’s materials. Additionally, many oversized materials are included in the collection.


Archives Manuscript Collection

(ZIP file download unzips to an Excel file, which requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher, or the free Excel viewer available HERE)


Please note to the right of the Excel document that there is a blue scroll box that you can slide vertically from the top to the bottom of the document by using your mouse to place the cursor on the bar, left-click and hold as you move the mouse up and down. You may also click on the scroll arrow buttons at the top and bottom of the bar, which will navigate a few lines at a time. The same can be done to view the document horizontally by using the scroll box at the bottom right. You may also left-click the mouse on any cell within the document and use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate left to right or top to bottom one cell at a time. If you have a scroll wheel in the middle of your mouse and would like to see a smaller version to include more data on the screen, hold down the Control key and roll your scroll wheel up and down to change the view. Shrinking the size allows you to see more of the document at one time, but the print will appear smaller.

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If you want to quickly return to the top of the document, press the Control key together with the Home key. If you want to quickly go to the bottom, press the Control key together with the End key.

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